Tuition and Fees

A Christian education is an investment in your child that will provide returns for the rest of their life. We are pleased to offer a Variable Tuition to help families make an LCS education a reality!

To educate a child at any school has a cost. At LCS, our cost ranges from about $5,000 in preschool to over $12,000 in high school. Our founding family setup a foundation to reduce the cost for every student at LCS by more than 35%. After their gift has been applied, and a reduction from our endowment fund, the remaining cost of education forms the top-end of our variable tuition range. Families who do not apply for variable tuition pay that amount. Those who apply for variable tuition pay anywhere from 35%-65% of the full cost of education, depending on a number of factors. The Merillat family’s generosity to our students is because of their belief in the power of Christian education and we are eternally grateful to the Merillat family for their continued support!

To provide a brief overview of how variable tuition works, watch the video below. We’re grateful to provide such a flexible and simple tuition program for our families.

A Brief Explanation of Variable Tuition

Find Your Variable Tuition

Variable Tuition applications are considered on a rolling basis. Awards are communicated to applicants within two weeks of the time our vendor receives the Variable Tuition application and supporting documents. Application for Enrollment must be submitted (but not completed) for Variable Tuition determinations to be shared with prospective families.

  Variable Tuition Ranges (2021-2022)

Grade Level  Full Cost of Education
(Cost to School)
Tuition Range
(Cost to Family)
Preschool/Pre-K 2-Day $5,105** $1,245 – $3,320*
Preschool/Pre-K 3-Day $6,815** $1,660 – $4,430*
Preschool/Pre-K 5-Day $8,515** $2,075 – $5,535*
Kindergarten $10,570** $2,010 – $6,870*
Lower Elementary (1-3) $10,570** $2,575 – $6,870*
Upper Elementary (4-5) $10,890** $2,655 – $7,080*
Middle School (6-8) $11,485** $2,800 – $7,465*
High School (9-12) $12,670** $3,085 – $8,235*

*Families who are not eligible for Variable Tuition reductions or choose not to apply will pay the top end of the range.

**The Merillat Foundation and our Endowment Fund contribute educational discounts for EVERY LCS student equal to a minimum of 35%-off tuition.

Steps to Apply for Variable Tuition

  1. Prospective families: Apply for admission to LCS by visiting the “Apply for Admission” button below. (Current LCS families skip to step 2)

  2. Apply for Variable Tuition by visiting the “Apply for Variable Tuition” button below. Follow the instructions from our third-party partner, FACTS.

  3. Pay a nominal fee for your Variable Tuition application. This fee covers the cost to process the application.

  4. After your Variable Tuition application has been processed (within two weeks of your completed FACTS application), your tuition rate will be set and communicated to you via email from our finance office.

  5. If your Variable Tuition rate is less than the top-end amount, apply to participate in our Serve-to-Save program. Families who receive a lowered tuition rate are required to participate in this program.

Apply Today!

Variable Tuition FAQs

Payment Plans

Lenawee Christian School offers three ways for families to pay tuition, a 12-month payment plan starting in June, a 10-month payment plan starting in August, and a single, up-front annual payment. Once a payment plan is set up in the FACTS system, several services are available to you such as payment history, adjustments, and detailed billing. To login to your FACTS account, visit here.

Annual Payment Plan

Parents making their payment in full by August 5, 2021 will receive a 1% discount off their tuition. Failure to meet the payment date will result in forfeiture of the 1% discount.

Monthly Payment Plans

Parents have the option of paying on either a 10-month or 12-month schedule, choosing either the fifth or the twentieth of the month. Payment plans must end no later than May 2022.

Key Policy Notes:

Enrollment is not completed without enrollment in the FACTS payment system, regardless of payment plan.

A $35 fee will be charged for any non-sufficient fund transactions.

A minimal fee will be assessed for credit and debit card payments.


Since LCS does not operate under an all-inclusive tuition model, various fees are charged in order to provide both necessary and optional programs and services to our students and families.

Enrollment Fees

2021/2022 School Year

Feb 1-28 Mar 1 – May 31 After May 31 New Students
Little Cougars (Preschool/Pre-K) $175 $225 $225 $175
Elementary (K-5) $250 $300 $600 $250
Middle & High School (6-12) $275 $325 $625 $275
  • Enrollment fees must be paid in full prior to receiving class assignments.
  • For larger families, the enrollment fee for the fourth student on is FREE.
  • Enrollment Fees are 100% nonrefundable after enrollment is completed unless a family moves more than 30 miles from LCS. They will be eligible for a 75% refund.
  • Enrollment fees are waived for families who host students in our International Student Program.
  • Enrollment fee rate is locked in by signing a continuing enrollment agreement.
  • Enrollment fees paid prior to March 1 will guarantee a seat in classes for the following school year. Seats in classes will be subject to availability for enrollment fees paid on or after March 1.

Note: Enrollment Fees for 2020-2021 are final, but all other fees are tentative and are subject to change until June 2021 when the official budget is approved.

Co-Curricular Fees

  • Athletic Fees (JV/Varsity): $95 per sport (3rd sport free)
  • Athletic Fees (7th, 8th, Freshman): $70 per sport (3rd sport free)
  • Drama High School: $85
  • Drama, Grade 8 and under: $75
  • Cheer or Dance: $50 per Semester
  • Clubs: Vary by Club
  • Lunch, Snack, & Miscellaneous Fees: Vary by Grade, Class, Teacher

Transportation Fees

LCS students are spread across Lenawee and surrounding counties. Each year we analyze new routes to accommodate all requests and keep costs as low as possible. We reserve the right to deny or modify services that cannot fit into a reasonable schedule or cost. In those cases, we will do our best to match families living in proximity with one another for car pool options. Please note that fees are PER FAMILY, not per student, provided there is a common pick-up and drop-off location.

  One Way2
Two Way2
Central Pick-Up4
$835 $1,530 N/A
Non-Central Pick-Up – 0 to 1 mile from Route
$1,420 $2,325 $1,935
Non-Central Pick-Up – 1 to 2 miles from Route $1,800 $2,695 $2,090
Non-Central Pick-Up – 2 to 3 miles from Route $2,480 $3,625 $2,540
  • Bus Passes available for $5.65 per ride ($8.25/$10.30/$13.90 for Non-Central locations)
  • Pre-K and Kindergarten students in two or three day per week classes will have their rates prorated.
  • Combination refers to one pick-up / drop-off at the Central location and one at a Non-Central location.
  • Central Pick-up locations are determined each year by analyzing the addresses of participating families. At least 15 students are required to support a route.

T.R.I.P. Rebate Program

Many of our families earn more than $1,000 per year utilizing the Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (TRIP). Through TRIP, families earn between two and twenty percent back on purchases made from many grocery stores, department stores, restaurants, and other retailers. Nearly two thirds of LCS families utilized TRIP last year and they earned about $47,000 in tuition credit. For more information, please check out our Trip Information Page, call our TRIP Coordinator at 517-438-8855, or stop the Central Office (between the high school and Christian Family Centre).